Our Story

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

MagnebotiX is a spin-off from ETH Zurich. Our team of world class researchers and en-gineers is passionate about the development and production of magnetic manipulation systems, including magnetic field generators and micromagnetic agents. With years of expertise in the field, our products support both fundamental and applied scientific and engineering research.Taking advantage of the transmission of both power and guidance through applied magnetic fields, our systems provide wireless tools to accomplish chal-lenging micromanipulation tasks. They are also used to control untethered mechanical probes in otherwise inaccessible places and for targeted cargo delivery in minimally inva-sive biological studies.


Founded May 8, 2014 in Zurich, Switzerland /spin-of of the MSRL, ETH Zurich


Initially had just two products - the MFG-100 magnetic field generator, and the RodBot, a rolling robot for the manipulation of micro-objects in a fluid 


The MFG-100 was the basis of the MSRL winning the World Nano-soccer cup twice (2010, 2012, using the MagMite), and the Mobile Mcrorobotics challenge twice (2013, 2015, using the RodBot) 


Our products have been described in many publications and presented at several engineering conferences 


Participation in several national and international research projects with a total value of over CHF10,000,000: an Innosuisse development project to bring the MFG-100 and the magnetic manipulation technique to the mechanobiology market; an M-ERA.NET project "nanoPD" for the development and screening of drugs for the treatment of Parkinson's Disease using magnetically-assisted targeted drug delivery; an H2020-EIC-FETPROACT-2019 project "ANGIE" to develop magnetically steerable nanodevices for the targeted delivery of therapeutic agents in any vascular region of the body; a HORIZON-EIC-2021-PATHFINDEROPEN-01 project "EVA" for the development of Magnetoelectric 3D printing technology - the revolution of actuatable composites.