• Description
    The RodBot is a wireless, mobile, rod-shaped microrobot that is guided and powered by an externally applied magnetic field.  Through its rolling motion in a low Reynolds number environment, a RodBot generates fluid flow with a rising component ahead and a travelling vortex above itself. Using this flow pattern RodBots can select a desired micro-object and transport it to a target location using gentle fluid flow as the sole motive force.  RodBots are thus ideally suited for the manipulation of small, delicate objects in solution, such as for the harvesting of delicate protein crystals. RodBot video

    Our RodBot models

    RodBot-III-x-n where III = length, x = cross-section and n = number of posts:
    Modellength (microns)cross-section (microns)Number of posts
    RodBot-300-a-3300a (50 x 55)3
    RodBot-300-a-5300a (50 x 55)5
    RodBot-600-a-10600a (50 x 55)10
    Sales in the field of structural biology, especially for the harvesting of delicate protein crystals are handled by Mitegen              NatX-ray  


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