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​OctoMag - a versatile magnetic field generation and actuation system

Like the MFG-100, the MagnebotiX OctoMag magnetic field generator offers five-degree-of-freedom (5-DOF) wireless magnetic control (3-DOF position and 2-DOF pointing orientation) but in a larger working volume. Forces and torques can be applied independently on magnetic materials on the µm- to mm scale. Closed-loop control of the microobjects can be handled in 3D by a simple proportional-derivative controller which tracks the position in the working volume using a dual camera system. Designed to optimize the manipulability of the magnetic field, the OctoMag has unique abilities due to utilization of complex nonuniform magnetic fields. It produces fields up to 50mT and gradients of up to 2T/m at 10Hz. Compared to our table top MFG system, the OctoMag has a larger workspace (130mm diameter sphere). It can be used in general microrobotics research but is particularly suited for biomedical applications such as in vivoexperiments in small animals or ex vivo experiments at the whole organ level.


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