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A Selection of Ground-breaking Reports

Applications in Micromanipulation

Small, Fast, and Under Control

Small, Fast, and Under Control: Wireless resonant Magnetic Micro-Agents. Dominic R. Frutiger, Karl Vollmers, Bradley E. Kratochvil and Bradley J. Nelson. Int. J. Robot. Res. 29, 613-636 (2010).

Manipulation using Artificial Bacterial Flagella

Localized non-contact manipulation using artificial bacterial flagella. Kathrin E. Peyer, Li Zhang and Bradley J. Nelson. Appl. Phys. Lett. 99, 174101 (2011).

Targeted Cargo Delivery

Targeted Cargo Delivery Using a Rotating Nickel Nanowire. Li Zhang, Tristan Petit, Kathrin E. Peyer and Bradley J. Nelson. Nanomedicine: NBM 8, 1074-1080 (2012).

3D Magnetic Manipulation

Three-Dimensional Magnetic Manipulation of Micro- and Nanostructures for Applications in Life Sciences. Simone Schuerle, Sandro Erni, Maarten Flink, Bradley E. Kratochvil and Bradley J. Nelson. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 49 (1), 321-330 (2013).

Noncontact manipulation

Noncontact manipulation using a transversely magnetized rolling robot. Hsi-Wen Tung, Kathrin E. Peyer, David F. Sargent and Bradley J. Nelson. Appl. Phys. Lett. 103, 114101 (2013).

3D Microprobing in an Anisotropic Environment

Soft Capsule Magnetic Millirobots for Region-Specific Drug Delivery in the Central Nervous System. Mair LO et al., Front. Robot. AI 8:702566 (2021).

Applications in Medicine

Localized Viscoelasticity Measurements

Measuring localized viscoelasticity of the vitreous body using intraocular microprobes. Juho Pokki, Olgac Ergeneman, Semih Sevim, Volker Enzmann, Hamdi Torun and Bradley J. Nelson. Biomedical microdevices 17 (5), 85 (2015)

Magnetically controlled microprey

Robotically controlled microprey to resolve initial attack modes preceding phagocytosis. Simone Schuerle, Ima Avalos Vizcarra, Jens Moeller, Mahmut Selman Sakar, Berna Özkale, Andre Machado Lindo, Fajer Mushtaq, Ingmar Schoen, Salvador Pané, Viola Vogel and Bradley J. Nelson. Science Robotics 2 (2), eaah6094 (2017)

Other Exciting Applications

Propulsion with magneto-acoustic fields

Neutrophil-inspired propulsion in a combined acoustic and magnetic field. Daniel Ahmed, Thierry Baasch, Nicolas Blondel, Nino Läubli, Juerg Dual & Bradley J. Nelson. Nature Communications 8 , Article number: 770 (2017).

Magnetically controlled optical modulation

Cellulose-Based Microparticles for Magnetically Controlled Optical Modulation and Sensing. Michael K. Hausmann, Alina Hauser, Gilberto Siqueira, Rafael Libanori, Signe Lin Vehusheia, Simone Schuerle, Tanja Zimmermann and Andre R. Studart. Small, vol. 16: no. 1, pp. 1904251 (2019).

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